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Tengeneza in Swahili language means to Make or to Create. Making in the deep sense of the word is securely founded on the idea of narrative. Every one who makes has a story. Tengeneza seeks to explore creative ideas and the process by which these ideas come to see the light of day irrespective of the raw materials used to make them. Tengeneza has its starting point in Kenya then in a short while will ripple over to Africa and the Globe in the hope of networking with other makers.

More often than not the process of creating takes on a lonesome path, things made in the privacy of the creator eventually find visibility and are consumed by the public. Tengeneza will accompany those who are on this journey and attend to their journeys through Interviews, Writing, Recordings or even Incubation of the making expression.

This space largely offers Exposure, Education, Ecosystem and Entrepreneurship. We feature Makers, offer (facilitate) Classes with respect to the making process. We also aspire to have this space turn out to be an ecosystem of networking and fusion of ideas. Last but not least this will also be a place of converting making into Enterprise.

Ideas and concerns about making and creating can be forwarded to us – iamtengeneza@gmail.com or follow us on our twitter @iamtengeneza

David Paul Mavia is the current Curator of Tengeneza. He is a Writer, Maker and Socio – Cultural Critic based in Nairobi Kenya.

Last modified: July 18, 2023